The Power of Surfing to enhance learning

Have you had the experience of such deep concentration that you could not be distracted from your goal?  No “I’m not good enough, no I’m not smart enough, no I’m not strong enough.”  All those voices in your head about failure were silenced.  Why? because all you wanted at that moment was to catch that wave.  Motivation, drive.  Where is that in education?  Believe me  my experience in surfing this summer taught me more that Daniel Pink’s great book Drive.  (although you should read it anyway)  The problem is not that our students aren’t smart enough, or strong enough or good enough.  The problem is they don’t want it bad enough.  The abstract ” good grades” or “college” isn’t as thrilling as catching the wave.  Our job as educators is to help them find their own motivation.  They have to want to know.  Because they need it.  Because they have to apply it.  Because they want to “catch the wave”.  Because it’s fun.  Because it makes them feel good.  This is what I love about the whole innovation movement.  If students knew they needed to know physics to solve a problem in their “invention”, physics becomes important.  Now. Not after high school, not after college, but now.  Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 1.27.08 PM

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