here comes the fun

of learning that is.  I recently got the experience of being a student that was totally confused and overwhelmed-so out of my element.  I went to a hackathon put on by Roland Hall here in Salt Lake.  I was surrounded by computer science teachers (or at least it seemed), obviously I was not really qualified to explore what a makerspace really does.  I love the idea and have no problem designing the space, but I actually had to try to make something!  Ugg!  Our guides really left us to explore, but I really wanted somebody to tell me what to do.  I like directions, or so I thought.  Thank heavens our computer science teacher went with me.  Sonja McKown is such a patient teacher.  We chose the MakeyMakey (I call it a thingy-but I think it is related to circuits). She went online to see what projects we could do.  Of course, being a librarian I chose the book! Yes!!!! I could write!!! but that wasn’t the trick here folks.  It was using copper tape and making connections to Scratch to add sound effects and speech. Hmm, it sounded great. Then I realized the best way to learn may be in “not following directions”. Sonja patiently explained Scratch, which doesn’t seem too foreign, but when something didn’t work, I really experienced the feeling of failure.  I think I need to remember that.  Of all things I may learn this summer, I hope that is the one that I don’t put away.  And yes it did eventually work and yes it was a blast!

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