3 Questions to drive growth

It’s often difficult as an individual without any administrative power to ignite a change within a school culture.  Despite my own interests in 21st Century Learning and considerable personal PD, I can’t seem to flame a fire.  In fact, I need to completely change my approach because just modeling doesn’t seem to generate any interest.  Although my students are excited and learning (because it’s difficult to learn if you’re not excited) my influence outside the classroom seems thwarted.  I think this is really the focus of my question for growth in the upcoming year.

1.  What tools as an individual can I leverage to spark an interest in change within my community? Or, how can I empower my existing tools with sharper teeth?

I think all my questions really stem from a common problem.  But another question I would like to address is the physical space of my library.  I want the space to reflect the focus on the future that my students will be faced with.  I would like to use some of the space for a Makerspace but not sure I can accomplish this with the limited resources I have. But a successful Makerspace, I know would influence not only the students but also perhaps gain some converts to the cause.

2.  How can I build a successful Makerspace with limited resources.  I think the focus here will be on the beginning, providing a space that can grow as I am able to expand my resources.  Can I leverage our upcoming Innovation day to help influence support?

I think excited learners are the key to making a change in our climate.  If I apply this to PD, teachers need to be excited as well.  George Couros has this one of his questions as well.  I don’t have the kind of influence as a librarian on the PD choices our admin makes, but I can try.

3.  How can I customize PD so each teacher finds value and yet it moves them forward into the future?  In other words, it can’t just reinforce what they have already been doing.  I need to alleviate the pain of fear in order to accomplish this.

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