It’s all in the teeth

I am not going to sit “in wait” for the future to bite me.  I’m going to use my sharp incisors and bite it first.  Trying to change the climate of education is the first challenge.  Status quo seems to be the mantra for many and I am trying to become more persuasive.  I think I just become more annoying.  Many of my favorite bloggers know just what to say but I am faced with paralysis when my enthusiasm and passion are rejected.  George Couros , in this article “It’s not about the technology…or is it?” ,brilliantly points out that “Sometimes when the statement is made, “it is not about technology, it is about pedagogy”, you then hear the roars of approval, and off we go on our merry way with nothing changing for many students.”

Well, to that effect, I am trying to organize an “Innovation Day” at our school.  I have a great group of forward thinking teachers to help organize it and a tremendous resource at our local university, The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute.  We intend to bring innovators in (actual students from the U) to explain to our community what innovation is and why it is important.  I have high hopes for an innovation tournament with help from a cohort of ambassadors who will share their passion for their work. I believe this may be a catalyst for viewing education in a new light and encourage the risk it takes to change.  That is  so we don’t become complacent zombies and all get bitten waiting for . . . .

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